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Download PUBG: NEW STATE for Android

PUBG: NEW STATE for Android is a new generation project about the Battle Royale. Here users will be transported to the anarchic year 2051. A whole decade has already passed since the events of the original PUBG game. Now there are new factions, and the danger has only increased. After all, weapons are now even cooler, there are new vehicles and new features. But the rules and the basic concept remains the same.


Assemble your own squad and head to one of the locations to fight a survival battle against real players. Land on the terrain and try to get your own weapons. Get equipped as quickly as possible and start fighting, because your enemies will always be around. But don't rush to stay in one place, because the safe zone will be constantly decreasing. Find your own transport or go on foot across the map. Visit the new locations and try out new transportation, because it's been a decade, and the world has changed. So it would be silly to play the old way when there are new opportunities.


In the new version of the game the developers added new mechanics, such as: calling for support or controlling the drone. And also now there are additional tasks during the game. And about weapons, cars, new maps and new genes we don't even have to say. After all, it's all here. A huge number of innovations will make the already legendary project much fresher and more interesting. After all, players are now open to a new range of possibilities that can be used to survive and achieve victory. Get new emotions from the Battle Royale and enjoy the updated project, which should also become a bestseller in the world of games.

If you are a fan of PUBG, but you find the original game boring and you think that Fortnite is a childish game, then "PUBG: NEW STATE" is exactly what you need. Download the presented project on your device and appreciate the following features:

Download PUBG: NEW STATE for Android

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