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Gaining #trials or being seen on a global market has proven to be difficult. Having explored many options through trial and error, has certainly expanded my way of thinking outside the box to give a player or players options to be viewed as potential future prospects.

What has worked in the past may not work in the future. Why is this so? To be honest, it's like anything in this world, and the football world is no different proving to be extremely difficult for our kids to make a career out of the game at the highest level. In Australia, the funnel to the top is very narrow to the A-League and doesn't look like changing anytime soon, in fact once you take out all the pro-contracts offered to foreigners and marquee players, the jobs/contracts offered in the A-League for Australian players is 130 pro-contracts. This really upsets me, knowing that throughout Australia we have so many talented players that will give the game away. A percentage will play in the NPL structures and graft a career playing semi-pro whilst working or studying to make a living. Not that this is a terrible career path, but the talent is there people, its just the structure that lets everyone down. The money spent on our kids to play NPL over the years and then getting extra training and all other associated cost is massive. Do the math, 4 years at youth level NPL costs just in fees to play $10k approx, aside from the all the extras we give to all the extra coaching sessions throughout the season, plus the futsal or 6-aside season in the summer.

Why I started Global Football Network!

GFN was started to create opportunities for players to be seen, get scouted, gain experience and to showcase Australian players abroad. In 2020, we now even help local UK players that have either been released from pro-clubs or aspiring to gain the advantage of being seen in the marketplace of top level pro-clubs.

Every child wants to be a pro-footballer and play for a big pro-club, in fact I would love for this to happen giving every child the opportunity to achieve this dream, and be part of the process. Our Sydney Showcase in July 2019 was a massive success, from this event 3 squads travelled to England and experienced British Football at its best. Playing clubs like Man City, Man United, Sheffield United, Burnley and many more. Coming to Sydney in July 2019 with Luke Evans who works for Manchester United as a scout was an amazing opportunity for the players that attended to be seen. It's not often that your child will get an opportunity to be seen by a professional from one of the biggest clubs in the world. Luke's knowledge and experience for the game, also his process for scouting players and grading them has earned him a job at one of the biggest clubs in the world.

The 2020 Sydney UK-Showcase has unfortunately been moved from April to July due to the current pandemic that has affected the world globally, and fingers crossed all will return to normal soon. On this event, we are returning with Luke and also bringing ex professional footballer Keigan Parker with a EPL goal keeper coach, along side a few more coaches that have played the game at the highest level in England and Spain. This will be announced shortly, together with another event in Australia. Stay tuned on our social media pages FB and Instagram. Our purpose is to bridge the gap for many aspiring footballers at a small cost providing the opportunity, unlike others that charge a fortune with no purpose aside from training sessions. All our details are on the website.

Our live-in Full-Time players.

This is a program that is very important to me. This opportunity has given players huge success whilst providing them with a platform pursue their dreams. Our players live away from home in accommodation that we provide, together with nutritious meals, correct training to adapt, power development training with Cristiano Ronaldo ex trainer (Mick Clegg), showcase games with pro and semi-pro clubs in front of recruitment staff and scouts, interaction with agents and intermediaries all renown for their services, mentoring and applying a professional approach. All of the above and much more come into play when you're aspiring to achieve success playing the game. The correct preparation is probably the most important achievement required to give players every possible opportunity. "if your not prepared, your preparing to fail" Buying into this can be difficult as it does take dedication together with adapting to what I call "out of your comfort zone". We work with players who arrive in Manchester from all parts of the world, from different cultures and backgrounds. The players become a family whilst all wanting the same outcome playing football at the highest level possible. Many players have gained massively from our program moving on to bigger and better including pro and semi-pro clubs and our preparing them has given them the edge they required to achieve this success.

Our door is open always to players from all parts of the world, with our aim to provide every individual the mental and physical tools to achieve success. If you're interested or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, as we would like to speak to you.

Stay-tuned on our social-media for upcoming announcements soon.

Thanks for reading and stay safe


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